Judy Santiago Honorary Scholarship Fund

As of 11-1-2021 we have awarded $878,080 in scholarships since 2006.

We accept applications for the Judy Santiago Honorary Scholarship Program each year from March 1 to May 31st and all Alviso area residents wishing to continue their education are encouraged to apply.

Download the 2021 Scholarship Application!

In June 2006 the Santa Visits Alviso Foundation fulfilled one of its long term goals of giving scholarships to deserving members of the Alviso Community. Due to the generous support of our contributors and the ongoing support of Legacy San Jose Alviso Youth Foundation we have continued to help change young peoples lives.

The Santa Visits Alviso Foundation supports many programs including the Santa Visits Alviso Holiday Program, Alviso Library Reading Programs, Alviso Youth Center Programs, the Alviso Soccer Program, George Mayne Elementary School, Alviso swimming pool and the Santa Visits Alviso Scholarship Program. Without your continued generosity and support we would be unable to provide these services to the community.

Video: 2021 Santa Visits Alviso Foundation Scholarship Recipients