About Us

Judy Santiago and her late husband Joe Santiago Sr. founded the Santa Visits Alviso Foundation back in December 1983 following the devastating March 1983 Alviso flood with just a bag of candy canes and a Polaroid picture with Santa. The Santiago legacy still continues and the Santa Visits Alviso Foundation annual celebration of giving has become the largest annual event in Alviso. Today our program is able to fund our yearly holiday event where 800-900 people attend with books and gifts for the children, a family picture with Santa and a BBQ put on by Zanker Recycling.

The Santa Visits Alviso Foundation seven member non-profit 501(c)3 board members volunteer their time, drawing no salaries, and continue with public meetings and funding for reading programs at the Alviso library, free swimming and lessons at the Alviso swimming pool, sports activities and other educational programs for the Alviso community. Our main focus is our scholarship program that provides scholarships for Alviso students working towards higher degrees, empowering our youth to invest in their futures and attend institutions of higher learning, plus we plan to continue supporting our working relationship with George Mayne Elementary School.

The Santa Visits Alviso Foundation has received numerous awards for their work in the Alviso Community and will continue to support future generations of this community.

Mission Statement

The mission of SVAF is to provide educational, leadership, and community enrichment opportunities, through financial aid, advisory, and community enrichment programs. Our philosophy is to encourage all individuals to meet their highest potential through education, volunteerism, and community support thereby embracing the quality of their lives and strengthening our local community.

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Santa Visits Alviso Foundation
P.O. Box 1012

Alviso, California

Make Checks payable to: Santa Visits Alviso Foundation

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