Gonzalo ‘Elvis’ Chayrez

Gonzalo is a veteran San Jose Firefighter. He joined the San Jose Fire Department in May of 1988. He moved to the Alviso fire station in 1990 and has been working there ever since. Besides working on fighting fires and going on medical calls for the Alviso residents he also spends personal time mentoring and tutoring the many diverse youth that live in the Alviso community.

When the Santa Visits Alviso program started he was asked to entertain the families while they were waiting for their gifts and picture with Santa Claus so it went from Fire Fighter to G-Man to “Elvis” and it gives him great joy to bring out a smile, hug or a kiss from all his ‘fans’.

In his own words, “I love my Alviso Community and I pray that this program continues to grow for the future of our children.”





















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