Albert Estrada – Board Member

Albert EstradaAlbert Estrada, a San Jose, California native, has significantly contributed to youth development through his commitment to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley (BGCSV), where he currently serves as the Vice President of Club Services. His work in Alviso began in August 2013 when he took on the role of Unit Director at the Alviso Clubhouse. Raised in South San Jose, Alviso was unfamiliar part of the city to Albert. However, he quickly discovered a tightly-knit community, marked by its interconnected residents and shared values.

Over a decade of dedicated service in Alviso has allowed Albert to witness firsthand the community’s transformative impact on its youth. He has been instrumental in guiding thousands of young individuals, watching many of them achieve significant milestones, including high school and college graduations, and embark on successful paths into adulthood. Albert’s deep connection to the community is further exemplified through his involvement with the Santa Visits Alviso Foundation, an organization he holds dear for its commitment to community, care, and education. These principles resonate deeply with Albert’s own values, and his work continues to reflect a profound dedication to enriching the lives of young people and strengthening the fabric of the community he serves.