Dean Baird

Dean Baird – Alviso Historian, in memorial


To all of you who knew and worked with him, Dean Baird passed away on December 24, 2006. For the people who didn’t meet Dean, he was one of the San Jose Public Libraries Librarians at the Alviso branch where he will be well remembered by customers, friends and co-workers. Dean organized the Alviso History Archive and last summer he visited the Library during the presentation of the new book: “Images of America, Alviso San Jose”.  The authors Robert Burril and Lynn Rogers dedicated the book to Dean. It said:” To former Librarian Dean Baird, for collecting Alviso’s History, his clear view of its spirit, and for his courage”.

Santa & Dean

Dean was a longtime volunteer for our foundation and before he retired he was a Librarian at the Alviso Library. During his time working there he spent many, many hours compiling information on the history of Alviso and now, thanks to Dean, there is a section of the library dedicated just to this information.