Talking Turkey

Alviso City Hall

Let’s talk turkey. Alviso, by many, is considered to be a low  income poverty stricken community. Low income, yes. Poverty stricken, no. We here in Alviso are the people you don’t see or pay much attention to in this fast moving high wage area where the “average” income is over 80 thousand a year. We are the hard working service people: janitors, handymen,  clerks, drivers, and so on and so forth. We are the people that support the  infrastructure of the Silicon Valley by keeping you warm, dry, clean, and  in those expensive homes. Our wages are a fraction of the average in Silicon Valley. Most  of our residents speak English as a second language. How many of you out there, born in the US, speak a second language – fluently.

“But, unlike many areas in the Santa Clara Valley, we are community. We know our neighbors, We welcome strangers. We help each other in good times and especially in bad times.The roots of our families go back decades.”

The City of Alviso goes back to the Mid 1700’s and at one time was bigger and more important than the City of San Jose. It was the portal to the entire Santa Clara Valley

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